Meet Beth…

” Healing the body, mind and soul is something I have studied deeply, both from a theoretical perspective, through my clients over the years and my experience with healing my own, long lasting chronic health conditions.  Living deep in Nature for a number of years, far removed from any technology or distractions enabled me to travel within, heal and experience a wholeness and vitality in life, the essence of which I bring to you in our sessions. “

I qualified as a professional Shiatsu practitioner in 2011, with the Shiatsu College Brighton.  I ran the Zen Shiatsu Practice in Brighton for five years and worked in several community venues offering accessible, low cost treatments as well as being a practitioner at the Brighton Shiatsu Centre.   I also worked with Active Lightworks, a charity organisation offering holistic therapy in hospitals and to the elderly.  

In 2014 I travelled to China to further my studies in Taoist (ancient Chinese) medicine with Master Li Song Feng (Li Sifu), a bonafide Taoist Master, at Five Immortals Temple in the mythical Wudang mountains.  Here I studied energetic healing, Qigong, Tai-chi, herbology, massage and other Chinese medical techniques.

I am a qualified associate Taoist arts instructor, with Mantak Chia’s Healing Tao system, dedicated Qigong and Neigong* meditation practitioner since 2006 and now teacher.  Through this practice, I bring an experiential understanding of the body’s energy system to my work.   

I have meditated and practised yoga since my early twenties and have studied somatic movement and experiential anatomy with the Inner Yoga Trust and School of Body Mind Centring. This added depth to my Qigong studies, and confirmed how structure and alignment is related to wellness and how to facilitate others to move comfortably and naturally.

My journey to China was a catalyst for a dramatic change in lifestyle.  Unexpectedly, serendipty brought me to a healing and retreat centre in the wilds of West Wales.   I stayed for three years, learning to live simply on the land, cooking on fires, collecting water from a stream with no solar, gas or electricity, or technology of any sort.  

During this time of living so close to the earth, away from distractions, I healed my body by consciously entering the subtle realms of my energy field through meditation and movement.  With love and guidance from the higher realms of light I found ways of accessing deeply held blockages that manifested as illness in my body.  I found I was also able to retrieve lost aspects of my soul by consciously navigating the movement of my meridian system and the elemental processes that govern it.  Once released and restored to wholeness, I began to feel considerably more healthy and peaceful in myself.

Most recently I have trained in VortexHealing.  This ancient mode of energy healing has recently re-emerged in our timeline.  It works to improve all aspects of the body’s incredibly complex energy system resulting in better health.  It assists in releasing conditioning and moving the receiver towards awakening.  I am so delighted to be able to offer Vortex sessions to faciliate healing in others.

I am passionate about helping people understand their bodies better both on a physical and deeper, energetic level for personal transformation and the healing of our planet.  I offer you a depth of perspective rooted in the ground of Oriental medicine and the light of Spirit.

Neigong means ‘inner-skill’. It is a process of connecting with, feeling and adjusting the energy body using consciousness, leading to real embodied transformation.