Like the picture of this little bird, our bodies are constantly seeking balance.  Given the right conditions the body will automatically move towards homeostasis, a natural place where all systems and functions work together in harmony.  A place where good health, joy and a wellspring of vitality flow in abundance.  

You are your greatest healer.  Your body contains an infinite wisdom and is your wisest teacher.  I can offer you a way of learning to listen for yourself, so that you can receive the messages your body is so wanting you to hear.

The healing work I offer provides a space for change to happen.  Working directly with your body, my hands ‘listen’ to the flux and flow of the energy inside.  I act as a passive ‘bridge’ so that your body remembers how it wants to be.  I am not trying to fix you, or diagnose you, although I work within the framework of Oriental medicine, which can provide an eloquent way of understanding your health.