Beth is an intuitive therapeutic bodyworker, energy worker and healing movement facilitator.  Inspired in 2006 to study Qigong after a profound experience in Nature, she found herself falling in love with the dynamic yet harmonious model of the Chinese Five Elements, an ancient map of the energy system and its relationship to the body, emotions, cycles of the seasons and the planets above.

She completed her three year professional Shiatsu training in 2011,  (Shiatsu draws extensively on the Five Element model) followed by a training in Daoist Medicine in the Wudang Mountains of China in 2014.  Beth has also completed a 60 hour foundation with the Inner Yoga Trust, is an associate instructor with Mantak Chia’s Healing Tao System of Qigong, and has studied somatics with The School of Body Mind Centring.

Having run a successful clinic, the Zen Shiatsu Practice in Brighton and participated in community and charity organisations; she followed her soul’s guidance, travelling to Colorado, Ireland and Wales where she studied the energy arts, spending a number of years living wild in woodlands experiencing simplicity and life without technology diving deep into what it means to heal.  The work continues and is an unfolding process of discovery.  

Using a combination of therapeutic yet subtle bodywork (shiatsu) and intuitive energy healing, each session is tailor made to help shift the physical and emotional blockages that prevent you from being fully well.

Having lived and experienced the pain of chronic illness, Beth is a grounded, compassionate witness and collaborator in your process, supporting you on your healing journey. 


Beth Edgell

I wanted to let you know that your way of working is a stunningly beautiful/powerful experience…essentially, on some sort of energetic level I can ‘feel’ you….a ‘space’ so vast and loving that i could weep (joyfully), it seems to launch/propel me further into deep stillness, and yet more peace.  RH