Our brain is a transducer of light, frequency and sound.  When we listen with an expanded state of awareness we have the potential to awaken our full evolutionary capacities.  Birdsong is a gateway key.  The extraordinary sound modulations produced by birds serve as conductors through which information from other dimensional realms are imparted to the human neurological system.  

Birdsong helps us shake off the dust of tired minds.  It awakens and refreshes the spirit.  Listening and feeling the sonar pulses that move through the mind shakes us from slumber and brings new life, new freshness into our cellular matrix. 

Birds themselves are intimately connected with other dimensions.  They are emanations of a 6th dimensional frequency that imitates and forms the geometrical codes that form the supra structure of our planetary consciousness.  They are part of the great web of light consciousness that filters in through window light structures through the particles of matter that make up our physical reality.  

~ This is a message from Universal Mind