Dao Yoga

Cleanse your organs, balance your emotions and learn ways to help you feel good.  This is a soothing, yet strengthening, healing practice for those who want to stretch and awaken their internal energy body. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoist Philosophy.
Dao Yoga is a restorative healing movement and meditation practice rooted in the wisdom of ancient China. Drawing on qigong and chinese yoga there is an emphasis on cultivating energy (qi) and learning gentle methods to strengthen and nourish the body.
Learn seated, lying down and standing practices, as well as effective meditations, healing sounds and chi-self massage to enhance health and wellbeing.   
This class is suitable for all, including beginners seeking to improve their health as well as those looking for better body awareness and alignment. 

Hi Beth, I just wanted to thank you very much again for last nights session in the barn… having never tried anything like that before I can see why I was drawn to attending… a deeply energising, peaceful experience with some remarkably ‘familiar’ vibes to energy work I already practice (attuned to two levels of reiki etc).


Meditator of 30 years

A class may include:
Qigong (skill with energy), 
Energy building practices
Dao-yin (Chinese healing exercises) 
Nei-gong (inner skill) meditation
Yoga based on the organs & meridian system
Healing sounds
Chinese Five Element Theory
Experiential Meridian (energy channel) map
Chi-self massage
Efficient movement practice
It is a somatic, chi (energy) based exploration & natural way of accessing innate inner wisdom for rejuvenation and abundant health.
 Sessions are currently available on a one-to-one basis.