You may feel an inward pull today, or a kind of quiet in the atmosphere that isn’t just the gentle rain. In fact we are coming up to the dark or new moon. At this time of the month, qi descends through the central channel settling deep within the body system.

The Taoist’s recognised, all those years ago, that the human body is intrinsically connected to our environment. This relationship extends to all planetary bodies in our solar system, but especially the moon.We are made of water, and the moon affects the tides, so it is, in the very least logical that the moon affects the body. Our culture, being so outward looking is less aware of interior pulls to go within, but the time of the dark moon can be utlised as a time of contemplation and reflection, dreaming in what we would like to see come to fruition in the next moon cycle.

The energy body is complex consisting of not just chakras, but meridian pathways and also a central channel that acts as the transmitter/receiver in our body. It is the energy or qi, in this channel that retreats downwards, deep into our body before moving back up the channel for full moon.

For women this is the ‘ideal’ time for menstruation as the qi has such a strong downward flow, it harmonises with the downwards flow of blood from the uterus. Taking a little time this dark moon to notice how we are feeling, regardless of whether we are bleeding or not, can help us feel more in tune with natures cycles, which carries the possibility of creating more harmony in our lives.