VortexHealing: Divine Energy Healing


What is Vortex Healing?

Vortex healing is a holistic system of energetic healing which works with divine light and consciousness to heal the body and transform emotional patterns.

It derives its name from a particular energy-vortex that is brought in through the heart of the practitioner and which becomes a vehicle for divine presence to manifest healing and transformation.  

How can Vortex Healing help you?

Because Vortex Healing works with Divine Intelligence it works in the best way for you.  The practitioner acts as a bridge for divine consciouness and energy  to flow into the receivers energy system, thus it offers huge breadth and depth of application.  My clients have found that VortexHealing has helped reduce or alleviate the following:

Back ache

Digestive disorders

Extreme headaches

Post Operative trauma

Feelings of isolation and distress

Birth trauma

Emotional distress

Sleep problems

Nervous system issues

Relationship issues

Any issues that are arising for you can be brought into clearer focus and awareness

I have experience working with very sensitive individuals and the elderly.

In essence, VortexHealing works on a very deep level allowing the roots of an issue to be brought to the surface.  The speed of this depends on many factors and thus outcomes are unique for each individual.

VortexHealing sessions are available in person or at a distance.

I offer a sliding scale. Pay what you can between £35 – £60.  I don’t ask questions about your financial position and all contributions are gratefully received.

How Does Vortex Healing work?

VortexHealing derives its name from a particular Divine energy vortex which manifests healing, transformation and spiritual growth.

The deep connection to this Divine presence is what makes VortexHealing so unique, for this Divine presence deeply ‘bridges’ both Divine Vortex energies and its own Divine consciousness into the recipient, and guides their movement to optimize healing.

This is critical, because conditioning of our issues is based on the consciousness of separateness, of ego. So it cannot simply be released, it must be transformed back into freedom, back into the wholeness from which it came. But only that which is free of ego – only deeply bridged Divine energy and Divine consciousness – can do that. And these are the healing tools of VortexHealing.

VortexHealing is not something created but comes to us as a gift from the Divine.   The intention of that Divine Presence is to heal us, transform us, and open us to the inner freedom of our true being.

There are many aspects to VortexHealing and each training I undertake, facilitates a deeper level of healing for you.  I have recently completed LifeForm Training, level 5 of 8 Healing levels.

Do get in touch via email or phone for a free consultation to determine whether VortexHealing would be a match for you.


VortexHealing sessions are available in person or at a distance.