Qigong: A Brief Introduction to the Taoist Five Elements

 Sunday November 27th, 10am – 1pm  – £20

Canolfan Llywnihirion Brynberian

A brief introduction to the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist philosophy.

For more information on the Five Elements read my blog post here.

Who is it for?

Suitable for beginners and those with more experience or professionals such as shiatsu practitioners or acupuncturists who would like to explore an body centred way of working with the Five Elements.  

This workshop is a stand alone session and an introduction to a longer course over five days, spread throughout the year, exploring each element in harmony with it’s relevant season.

We will go deeper with this exploration of the elements, including Qigong, Tao Yoga, healing sounds, and meditation.  I am exploring the feasiblity of working outside in the landscape, weather and time dependent.

More info to be posted on this page soon, so please check back again!

The Five Elements and the Seasons of the Year


Provisional Dates ~ Sunday’s 10am – 4pm

22nd January ~ WATER

19th March ~ WOOD

11th June ~ FIRE

10th September ~ EARTH

22nd October ~ METAL

Plus: Possibly early December for a completion session.