Remaining connected to the earth is so very nourishing for our immune system, stabilising our thoughts, focus and ability to stay on task. So what can we do to begin to ground ourselves?

We can utilise the grounding forces of Nature to help us re-connect to Gaia’s core. Water always flows to the lowest places and is naturally and lovingly attracted to earth. Water and earth always dance together within the body and on the planet. The water meridians in the body are found in the backs of the legs and the main gate in the feet is called Kidney 1 – Bubbling spring. We can utilise this natural gate to root more deeply into the earth. It is activated by pressing the point, massaging it or by dropping our weight into our feet with awareness on the whole foot.

Here are a few directions to help you get grounded:

Standing with feet firmly planted on the ground, allow your weight to gradually sink deeper and deeper towards the floor. Allow your pelvis to begin to feel very heavy, focusing on the sensations that you can FEEL here. Try to stay away from visualisation until you can feel the weight begin to intensify and develop in your lower body.

Feel the heaviness move through your legs, through your feet, gradually experiencing your feet becoming heavier and heavier and become more deeply rooted on the ground.Now allow your mind to sink deeper into the earth, through your feet, maintaining an awareness of your whole body, allowing your awareness to expand beyond your body, softening and opening into your whole body. The more your awareness can relax, the more easily and naturally you will find yourself sinking into the earth.

How do you stay grounded? Do leave a comment.