Support your lungs and clear mucus and phlegm with this tasty green juice.  Our lungs love pungent tastes so Leek and garlic help pierce the sticky, low grade energy of mucus, helping dissolve and disperse it.  Mucus forms as a protective layer in our lungs, sinuses and other organs as a response to illness or the consumption of inflammatory foods.  In other words it is a healthy bodily response to stress.  However mucus impairs the immune system and prevents organs from functioning optimally, so a clean diet free of inflammatory foods such as soy, wheat, gluten, dairy can assist and strengthen us, supporting us to be as healthy as possible.  

1 x apple

1 x pear

Cucumber to your taste

Small inch long piece of leek

1 x garlic clove

Sprig of parsley

A few almonds or almond milk

Leaves of kale to your taste

I’ve been making this in a Vitamix and then squeezing the pulp through a bag. If you have a masticating juicer then even better.  

Tuning in I’ve found that the leek penetrates the lung tissue helping purge mucus.  The trick is to not make it too strong.  More is not better.  Go easy on the leek, otherwise it’s a bit harsh on the stomach.  Garlic is a wonderful immune system support.  Cucumber is also great for cleansing mucus and the chlorophyll from kale supports your bodies general cleansing function and increases your intake of pure light goodness.

This is a great juice to drink as part of a lung support routine which could include Lung qigong, deep breathing and tuning into the consciousness of your lungs.  Sending loving energy to your organs is a great way to feel that you are connecting with yourself in a positive way.  Love increases the vibration of your energy field providing natural immune support, and it feels good too!