Internal arts meditation or Neigong is a process of deepening change.  It is ‘a way of connecting with, feeling and adjusting the energy body using consciousness’, leading to embodied transformation.  

These are meditations that open the body and encourage an awareness of one’s inner landscape in order to support the individual to begin to participate in their own healing process.

Beginning with body scanning methods, we are encouraged to practice regularly in order to restore and strengthen the vital energy of the organs and body.  

We learn to connect with the inner realms of the body, learning how to open the spaces around the joints, muscles, connective tissue, bones and tendons.

We develop a certain kind of relaxed awareness, or Yi that arises quite naturally when the thinking mind subsides and is the key to finding the root potential for ones perfect functioning health.  

In addition, learning to feel our inner world awakens the inner content of Qigong form.

At Intermediate level, Qi becomes ‘real’, with students being able to actively feel and sense the physical movement of Qi within their body system, rather than visualise or imagine it.

At Advanced level we become autonomous health practitioners.  Awareness develops into a neutral consciousness which allows us to access the hidden and subconscious aspects of ourselves.  These emotions and behaviours begin to be dissolved easily and wider awareness of blocks in our energy field and knotted connective tissue allows these to unravel, exposing and releasing the somatic memories within.

At this stage we have gained the ability to heal deeply held disease caused at root by stagnancy of Qi flow and often soul loss.  

We can heal and balance our own meridians, restore perfect structure and alignment and re-connect the electrical flows within us; re-calling those lost parts of ourselves, becoming whole and experiencing the vitality that comes with it. 

Beth’s core practice is Neigong meditation which she has been practicing for 13 years.  Amongst other things, she has used it to heal long term, distressing chronic health conditions rooted in trauma that failed to respond to medication or any other holistic interventions.