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In every culture & in every medical tradition before ours,

healing was accomplished by moving energy.

~ Albert Szent Gyorgyi | Bio – Chemist and Nobel Prize Winner









Welcome to Preseli Healing


Professional Shiatsu practitioner, Qigong & Meditation teacher.  Certified practitioner of VortexHealing®: Divine Energy Healing.

With fifteen years experience of energy work, Beth specialises in re-balancing the body and energy field to assist in accessing the roots of deeply held issues and/or disease.  Stress and emotional tension can also be addressed through movement and meditation from a Taoist somatic perspective.

Beth offers a safe space for to you to receive healing inspiration, insight and renewal.


I wanted to let you know that your way of working is a stunningly beautiful/powerful experience […] it seems to launch/propel me further into deep stillness, and yet more peace.

Rich Hayes

Beth Edgell

Elizabeth Edgell Ba Hons, IPTI

Movement is Life…

In Taoist medicine our life force energy or Qi (Chi) is at it’s most healthy when it is flowing unhindered throughout the body.  When we experience symptoms, aches or pains, feelings of unwellness or more serious disease, it is an indication that the life force has slowed down or has stopped moving altogether; this is known as stagnation.

Preseli Healing offers ways of helping your life-force move again with Shiatsu Therapy, VortexHealing, Qigong and Meditation.

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Healing Happens When the Time is Right..

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