Qigong in West Wales

Qigong is a way of unlocking our joy, gratitude, good health both mental and physical, greater stillness and peace, better posture, alignment and intuition; the list goes on.

It is about connection on all levels.  Connection to our body, spirit, emotions, mind, to one another and to Nature.

Learning how to go inside and move from an inner awareness is key to how I teach because ultimately our body is our greatest teacher and once it knows it is listened to and heard, it will be a friend and guide for life.  The body is a phenomenal piece of bio-engineering and qigong offers keys to experience yourself in a new and exciting way.

I uniquely offer Healing sounds that permeate our organs, enlivening our meridian system, enabling access to the wisdom and consciousness of our inner world.  They are deeply restful, grounding and a wonderful way of harmonising our emotional body.

Qigong is also a process of opening our body to safely release the hidden aspects of ourselves that are unloved, disowned and unacknowledged.  When these hidden parts of ourselves are released, space is made for so much more light to enter our bodies.

Safety within the space is very important to me with an acknowledgment that each person is an individual with differing needs.  I am a first year psychotherapy student as well as having worked one-to-one with shiatsu and energy healing clients for over a decade, coupled with many years of diving deep into my shadows.  Ultimately I intend to create a space so that healing has an opportunity to emerge in our busy lives.

There are many scientific papers available that prove the effectiveness of Qigong for many health conditions.

For more information on the science behind Qigong please click here.

I have been passionate about Qigong for about 15 years.  After a profound experience in Nature, a series of synchronicities led me to dance Five Rhythms for the first time.  Whilst moving into stillness I experienced a thick, tangible force field of energy surrounding me.  Guessing it must be Qi, my journey to discover more about this energy began.

I was fortunate to meet a renegade Taoist teacher of crazy wisdom who taught me the foundational methods of Mantak Chia’s Healing Tao system as well as the essence of Xing Shen Zuang (Spirit Makes Shape) from the Dragon Gate tradition.  Wanting to deepen my experience and gain a traditional training, I travelled to the Wudang mountains in China to study in a very remote temple far away from the main centre of martial arts schools.  Here I encountered patriarchal, religious Taoism and the rather shocking intensity of hard martial training which is standard for any school of this nature.  Needless to say, I realised this was not the way for me no matter how authentic this was considered to be.

There is always yin with any yang.  The invisible side of Qigong is Neigong, the inner skill.  It was landing at a woodland retreat centre deep in Nature that was a turning point in my practice.  I used my neigong skills to take me deep within the quantum spaces of my body, facing deeply held trauma’s that were causing distressing chronic physical symptoms and healed them.  It showed me the power of the body and how to listen to my inner world on a profoundly deep level.

My training was formalised with an instructor training for Mantak Chia’s Healing Tao pathway.  I have continued to study with numerous teachers within the field favouring those who can unpick the technical side of qigong.  I believe it is vital to understand what you are actually doing, rather than just following movements as this is the key to healing and discovering autonomy and freedom within your own body.


My Journey:  Why I do what I do


There was a time in the not too distant past when I felt I was dying inside. My stomach was in a constant knot, my heart clenched and jittery with the uncomfortable, sometimes painful thrum of anxiety. My shoulders hunched over, my bony spine bent at the waist. My hips tilted forward and I had bad hip and back pain that meant walking any great distance wasn’t possible. Structurally I was completely out of wack. Internally my emotional world was in turmoil yet this was what I was used to. It was the landscape of me, an expanse of grey interspersed with the odd muddy puddle of gloom. For many years this is how I thought it ha:d to be, how I thought life was. My body was defended against the world quite literally and I was scared of everything, fearful of life.  

I’m still scared of some stuff now and I’m far from perfect, but a new belief filtered through that life could be shiny and golden, that maybe I could stand upright and face the world.  

I had begun to practice qigong and inner techniques that brought more space, light and harmony into my body and I started to get glimpses of another type of me. A calmer, more peaceful me. One that felt stronger and gradually more vital and connected. As I applied the work I opened up my chest and released deep knots in my spine that no masseur could access.  I crucially adjusted the positioning of my pelvis, healed a bunch of debilitating chronic health conditions and began to feel like a different person. I feel sparkly on the inside now instead of heavy and muddy and most importantly it has shown me that we humans are powerful beyond measure, that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves, feel peaceful and comfortable in our body and experience joy and happiness in our lives.

I’m sharing the practices that have benefitted me so much in a new weekly class in Brynberian Hall starting from Tuesday 6th September at 6pm.  We’ll be exploring qigong movement & techniques, sound, energy work, light technologies, healing and having fun whilst deepening our capacity for peace and joy.  I’d love it if you could join us!