What people say…..

Peaceful yet vigourous, spacious and beautiful.  Your shiatsu feels like it’s bringing me back to life.  Thank you.

JS, Newport, Pembrokeshire

Dear Beth

Just a quick note to say  thank you very much for my shiatsu session on Saturday.  My neck has felt so much better since the treatment.  The really concentrated area of pain at the base of my skull has really resolved.  I feel so much better than before!

Emma, Pembrokeshire

I have had shiatsu fortnightly with Beth for nearly two years and it has loosened up my old (76) body wonderfully.

John Kapp

Before (I received regular shiatsu from Beth) I used to shout and get angry with people.  Now I’m more calm and peaceful and I’m no longer angry.

Thiago Lima

Beth felt very empathetic and in tune. Peaceful, energising, restful, balancing, deep, helpful. Thanks

Mark P

 I am a regular client, as [shiatsu] is both restorative and empowering. I find that as a sixty eight year old, who has led a challenging outdoor life, I have many knots of tension and pains that stem from old injuries. Beth has a sublime skill and instinct to find and tend to these as they occur, and teaches me simple practices to alleviate these. This is becoming a body wisdom, that informs my life long after the session.



Beth was most professional in her approach to myself as a new client, allowing ample time to understand the reasons for my visit and taking care to ensure that I was settled prior to starting any hands-on work. Throughout the session, the quality and accuracy of the treatment was of a high and consistent standard. When necessary, great depth was applied to release areas of rigidity and address imbalances, the effects of which could be felt immediately. Overall, Beth’s practice is clean, efficient, pleasant and enjoyable.

Grant Mearns

Hi Beth, I actually had a really big shift. I didn’t realise till after... that I accessed a beautiful peaceful feeling during my session and it’s been magical watching it integrate deeper. It was just what I needed! I’ve been feeling really good since then which is wonderful.  Thank you very much!  Anon

Workshops & Classes…

Relaxed, supportive, informative style.  It was a deep session for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Absolutely delightful class tonight, a truly wonderful, intense, connected experience…..Sooo looking forward to the next class!

RH, Dinas, Pembrokeshire

There was a bit at the end tonight where I kinda felt like I was a stone in a stone circle with the rest of the galaxy. Really brill!