Shiatsu: Therapeutic Bodywork


Thank you for my wonderful treatment ~ the knee is doing well and the pain is moving ~ SB

Thank you so much for a wonderful treatment on Thursday.  It was really beautiful and powerful and I felt safe and held – anon

Would you like to feel better in yourself and more comfortable in your body?

Do you feel off balance?

Maybe you are tired of feeling tired, or you have painful and uncomfortable symptoms like headaches, digestive problems, poor sleep, back ache, perhaps a feeling of being ‘off”?

Perhaps you experience anxiety and/or depression?

Shiatsu has many health benefits and may well be able to help you.   It is a touch based therapy which re-balances the body on all levels, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.  People often report leaving Shiatsu sessions feeling calmer, more connected to their body and less stressed. 

I have had success working with many issues such as bad backs, digestive problems, sciatica, anxiety, depression, low mood, asthma, tiredness, feeling ‘off’, times of transition in life.  Shiatsu is a very supportive therapy and hands on touch can be enormously healing.  

Recently I have been working with clients who have been deeply involved with inner enquiry and/or psychotherapy.  They have found that the intuitive therapeutic bodywork sessions I offer have reached into the somatic memories held in their bodies and helped move ‘stuff’ that they haven’t been able to reach through talk therapy alone.  These sessions are rich and collaborative and I welcome those who have been journeying within and are looking for support to access those hard to reach places held in somatic memory.  I can offer a safe space for you to meet yourself and your body’s wisdom.

How does Shiatsu Work?

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork that offers a way of supporting your body at all times of your life.  It can help release physical and emotional tension and pain as well as being a complete health care system which works with the body’s own resources.

Shiatsu works with the body’s vital energy, known as qi (pronounced chee). In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that when this energy becomes blocked or stagnant, it causes illness. Using pressure to stimulate the energy channels (known as the meridians), shiatsu aims to unblock any stuck energy. In turn, this is thought to help the body heal itself. 

As well as working on this more spiritual level, shiatsu works very much on a physical level.  This means massage strokes and manipulation techniques are used alongside posture awareness, breath work and physical exercises. Often referred to as shiatsu massage, this work can be very deep to remove tension from the body or light to encourage relaxation. Some form of visualisation and breathing exercises may also be incorporated.

Please call me with any questions you may have.  I offer a free consultation where we can discuss your issues and see if the way I work will be a fit for you.  My number is 07778 556711

Where in West Wales?

Sessions take place in Newport, North Pembrokeshire and Brynberian, in the Preseli Hills.


 How can Shiatsu help me?

Shiatsu can be especially useful for helping people to cope with the following:  

  • Anxiety  – Helping the body to physically relax can in turn help the mind to relax. This can be especially useful to those with anxiety.  
  • Depression – Lowering stress levels can be helpful for those dealing with depression. This therapy can encourage a sense of calm and restful sleep. 
  • Circulatory and digestive issues – Shiatsu massage gives circulation a boost. It also aids the digestive process so is ideal for those suffering from digestive problems.  
  • Menstrual cramps – The therapy is often used to ease menstrual cramps. The relaxing effect of shiatsu massage can ease pain while re-balancing the hormones.  
  • Migraine – These types of headaches are usually caused by a rapid widening and narrowing of blood vessels in the head. Shiatsu relaxes the body and increases blood flow, which can reduce symptoms. 
  • Muscle pain – Improving circulation and releasing tension can help with muscle pain. Many people also report reduced symptoms of arthritis using shiatsu massage.  
  • Nausea – Shiatsu practitioners believe nausea is caused by ‘rebellious’ qi. Rebalancing this qi and encouraging the body to relax can relieve nausea.  
  • Stress – Stress levels tend to reduce when our bodies are in a relaxed state. Regular shiatsu sessions encourage a more stress-free way of being for the body and can be incredibly beneficial. 

Often people seek this therapy during times in their life when there are major changes. This may include adolescence, pregnancy, the menopause or when adjusting to later life.

Energy Healing Pembrokeshire

Energy healing is an integral part of the Shiatsu session.  Working with Spirit, I am a conduit for light.  If appropriate, higher frequencies of energy move through my hands balancing your body and replenishing, clearing and cleansing your energy field.

Energy healing is entirely non-invasive, very gentle, relaxing and deeply peaceful.