The Wood Element 

In Taoist/Chinese medicine, Spring is associated with the Wood element.  Wood is connected with our Liver and Gallbladder, the emotion is anger.  Wood governs our tendons and when in balance, lends us flexibility of mind and body. The colour is green.

Imagine a sapling, the strength of a plant’s rising sap gives it the flexibility it needs to bend and shift in the wind.  Older trees may simply snap as they become more brittle with age.  Human’s often experience the same as we age becoming a little less flexible.  Rigid thinking and behaviour can become the norm and we forget that we can be any different.

Wood Element Support

We can support our wood element by simply spending time with the trees in Nature.

Green juices are wonderful this time of year, with the strong, young green shoots of nettle offering our livers much needed nourshment, eliminating toxins that have been stored up over winter.

Getting creative and expressing oneself through art, dancing or singing, for example, mirrors Natures desire to express itself this time of year.

Strong Qigong that incorporates tendon stretching is a wonderful way of working to harmonise wood.

Shiatsu can help the wood element to move.  Wood tends to stagnate and become blocked easily.  If you notice are you are tense, frustrated and irritable, then your wood element could be blocked.

What Shiatsu can do for your Wood element

I notice this time of year that client’s wood element demands attention.  The Japanese art of Shiatsu allows often much needed movement and a freeing up of the wood element, calming excessive anger and frustration. The physicality of shiatsu lends itself to nourishing Wood.  Stretches, joint rotations and mobilisations, encourage our ‘sap’ to move in our bodies, moistening our ligaments and tendons. The spirit of the Liver likes the freedom to rise and express itself and Shiatsu can give the body the help it needs to flow more freely at this beautiful season of year.