You don’t survive a tsunami by getting caught up in the wave. You survive a tsunami by diving underneath it, to the stillness within the ocean below.

I have to work to keep my mind and thinking clear of fear. I honour fear when it arises but choose not to hang on to it by allowing those thoughts, as much as possible, to float on by. I find I can’t get caught up in the 5G drama without feeling intense fear and anxiety rooted in a sense of powerlessness. Whilst I feel it is important to know what is happening, I consciously choose (as far as I can) not to indulge those feelings within myself. In particular, I monitor the media I consume, selecting carefully and choosing not to engage with the rest.

The following are a few thoughts that arose in my morning contemplation in response to disturbing post I saw on Facebook. Here the ‘You’ is as much ‘me’ as anyone else.

What is the use fighting 5G? Ask yourself what is the emotion behind the fight? Is it anger, fear, grief? Monitor your emotions. 5G is happening. The fear comes from a feeling of intense powerlessness. We will never recognise our own power as long as we continue to fight, worry and project our fears outside ourselves.

Acceptance. Accept what is . Accept that we don’t know the bigger picture. Look beyond this little life into the unknowable possibilities. Trust the earth. Trust we are love. Trust there IS a bigger picture.

In accepting, we find peace. We return to the still point within. From this still point all movement arises harmoniously. If our interior life is discordant, then we are only adding to the discordance around us and nothing will change. Go within and bypass this 3D world. Go within and find peace. Go within and step through into another world of beauty, harmony and Love.