This Winter episode of travelling through the darkness and out into the light has given me a remarkable amount of material to share!

Time and time again I am shown that we are supported on our healing journey every step of the way.  When we open to receive the wisdom that is available to us 24/7, magic happens.

I love trees.  I have always loved them, and ever since I was tiny girl playing in the apple blossom of the ancient Apple tree that grew in my garden, I knew they loved me.  One of my enduring and happiest memories was when Dad placed our slide so that when my sister and I climbed up it, we had to slide down through the abundant fragrant pink flowers of the beautiful old tree.  Years later, I found this sacred memory deep in my heart, and I realised I had been filled with grief when I had gone back to my childhood home to find the old tree had died.  I had felt so safe and loved whilst near that ancient one in my garden.

When I lived on the land, I was surrounded by trees.  I felt safe and nurtured by their gentle enduring presence.  I naturally spent time with them, learning to discern the way their bark looked and felt, how the branches grew and the shapes they made when the leaves fell and only their skeletal forms remained against the stark winter skies.  Collecting twigs and wood both wet and dry gave me insight into the way the wood felt and how it burnt and I felt humbled by the symbiotic relationship humans have had with trees since time began.

Experience has shown me that reading certain books can trigger what I can only describe as a ‘remembering’.  A deep resonance is awakened and long forgotten skills or knowings come to light.  One such book was the Silmarillion, Tolkiens creation epic of Middle Earth, the story of how the Elven realms became separated from Middle Earth.  I had tried to read it several times before I moved to the land but had failed to get past the first few pages.  It had seemed like total gobbledy goop.  Not so when read in the presence of the mountain and energy of the wild.  Incredibly, it all began to make perfect sense and I was enthralled for days, lost in the ancient and epic power struggles of the elves at the beginning of time.  Their intrinsic and magical connection to Nature touched me deep. 

Soon afterwards, I began to notice the moon in a different way.  She suddenly had a tangible presence. It was a ‘felt’ perception that had its own energy signature.  I began to notice that the trees had a similar vibrational code, each one unique; very subtle and I could only tune into it if I left my thinking, rational mind behind.  I had learnt to shift into a perceptual state through shiatsu, tuning into the vibrational tones of the elements within the body but this was the first time I had noticed vibrational signatures in my environment.  

I began to get to know the trees, remembering and visualising not only how they look but how they felt to me.  I realised that each tree’s energy signature could be attuned to and ‘recorded’, kept safe in my memory banks to be recalled as and when required.  I see it like a library of vibrational codes; a book on a shelf, each book representing a tree, a plant, an element, or the moon and the sun.  Some are more easy to remember than others.  A personal record of my relationship with them.

The power of this ‘library’ showed itself to me when I felt I was being utterly consumed by dark forces this winter.  It was as though a gap had opened in my consciousness field, creating a gateway to the astral where dark shadows threatened to take over my being.  This was a visual and visceral experience.  I was really scared but realised I had to take a stand or succumb to deep, haunting despair.  I gathered all the power within me and called for help.  To my great surprise I was answered by the Trees.  Oak took my back, supporting me with it’s great strength from behind.  Alder, who had appeared to me previously as a young warrior on horseback; agile, young and strong; stood at my front and sides.  Holly then appeared at my crown dispelling the darkness that had threatened to overpower me.  I realised then that the remnants of this ancient knowledge are still encoded in our songs.  Our Christmas song, the ‘Holly and the Ivy’ obviously has druid roots but I was astounded to realise that the ‘Holly bears the crown’ has a deeper symbolic meaning coded within it.  The crown chakra is our human way of connecting with the heavenly realms, or higher dimensions and so Holly acts as a shield, a protective force from negative entities.

I must stress that these trees came to help me as vibrational essences.  Because I had spent time with them, I recognised their codes as they entered my field.  My mind sometimes decodes these vibrational essences with images as my brain sees fit. 

I looked up ‘Holly’ in Glennie Kindred’s book of trees and was delighted to see that her description matched what I had felt, that Holly was a protector of dark forces.  

I also understood that trees are guardians between realms. They are here with us as loving beings that we can work with as protector’s, healers and guides as we navigate our lives on earth.  They stand with their roots in our third dimensional realm and their branches reaching to the heavens.  It is no wonder that shamans the world over use the symbol of the tree to access higher and lower worlds and the Norse’ tree Yggdrasil stands symbolically between realms.

Spending time with trees can reap enormous benefits as well as being a very lovely thing to do.  Deepening our relationship with these remarkable beings and honouring them as sentient beings would go a long way to healing the environmental crisis we are experiencing.  Yet their wisdom is being heard.  Treesisters and the other many tree planting organisations and missions are changing the face of our planet.  Whilst holding the bigger picture, I believe it is so important to remember our own back yard and to remember to hold dear the relationships we have with our immediate locality.  The wisdom of the trees is always near if we learn to listen.  

Things to do with trees:

  1. Approach with respect
  2. Not all trees are friendly, only approach trees that welcome you.  If you happen to notice one ‘standing out’ or you are drawn to a tree, then hang out with that one.
  3. Admire and appreciate your tree.
  4. Notice it’s bark, branches, shape, colour, location
  5. Notice it’s feeling quality.  What does it feel like?
  6. Draw it’s quality, write it, dance it, sing it. Use whatever gateway method is right for you to enter into the invisible realms.
  7. Take time.  Sensing trees is a process.  A beautiful journey.  A deepening of relationship.
  8. Meet with lot’s of trees.  The best learning I feel, is done by comparison.  What is it that makes each Holly similar, or each Beech, beyond what it looks like.

Spending time with trees is such a lovely worthwhile occupation. Enjoy!